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The school s dress code is established to teach hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, and avoid safety hazards.  Final determination of acceptable dress and grooming rests with the building administration.  Students not adhering to the school dress code policy will be referred to the counselors. Parents will be contacted.  Students will not be allowed to attend school/classes until proper uniform attire is attained.  

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Crittenden Middle School Dress Code
Uniform Items Allowed


  • SOLID colors:  Navy blue / Lt. blue, red / burgandy, purple, white, yellow, and green
  • CMS polo shirts which have the Cougar logo and can be purchased through the school
  • Oxford-long or short-sleeve w/ collar
  • Polo- long or short sleeve w/collar
  • Turtle necks- long or short sleeve
  • Shirts must be long enough so that they can be worn tucked inside
  • All shirts must have snaps or buttons
  • Shirts with writing or logos (except CMS)
  • NO cleavage or undergarments can be seen
  • Tee shirts, flannel shirts, oversized sweaters or fleece shirts
  • Shirts without collars or sleeves


  • SOLID: navy, khaki / tantopsandbottoms
  • TRADITIONAL STYLE pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, capris, peddle pushers or cargo pants
  • Skirts, shorts and jumpers (must meet the fingertip test for length)
  • Jumpers must be worn with tops
  • Pants must be worn above the hips
  • Denim / jean material (any color)
  • Skinny pants
  • NO leggings can be worn under skirts, jumpers or shorts
  • Sweat pants
  • Overalls
  • Oversized pants



  • Must have backs
  • Heels should be no more than 2" high
  • Flip flops
  • Sandals (any kind)
  • Shoes that don't cover toes


  • Belts must be worn in the belt loops          
  • Only one belt can be worn
  • One pair of matching socks can be worn at a time
  • Stockings / tights must have feet
  • Excessively large belt buckles that light up, glitter, etc
  • Bandannas
  • Hats, caps, sweatbands or related head dress can not be worn during school hours
  • Decorative ornaments (stitching, beads, chains, etc) are prohibited

Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Jackets


  • Only CMS hoodies are allowed
  • Sweaters: must be a solid color crew neck, v-neck, cardigan or vest
  • Crew neck sweatshirts much be solid gray, dark blue, white or purple
  • A uniform shirt MUST be worn under sweat shirt and sweaters
  • NNPS High School JV Team Jackets may be worn by JV team members only
  • Hair must be well groomed
  • Good taste and moderation should govern makeup
  • Students must wear different color tops and bottoms.  Same color tops and bottoms
    are prohibited
  • A uniform shirt MUST be worn under a uniform sweat shirt or uniform sweater
  • Coats, jackets, warm-up jackets (cold weather is the exception)
  • No large print or logos
  • Different color top / bottom
  • Hair must be well-groomed
  • Good taste and moderation should govern make-up
  • Sweatshirts cannot be worn after Spring Break
  • Skin-tight clothing or Lycra is prohibited
  • Writing, symbols, graphics or graffiti cannot be written or seen on shoes, books or backpacks
Please Note:
All Other NNPS division dress code policies must be followed

Revised 6/30/2013


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