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Are You Tech Ready for a STEM School?.

Do you know how to use Word and insert graphics into documents?   To make PowerPoint presentations?   To create graphs in Excel? Technology is the language of STEM, and students need to be fluent in the language.

Test yourself with these tutorials from GCF LearnFree.Org.   There are tutorials at GCF LearnFree for almost everything- here are tutorials for the specific applications that are used at Crittenden.

Take the Quiz at the end to see what you need to learn, then pick the lessons you need to work on!   When you're done, try the quiz again and see how far you've come!

If you have any questions, please contact Letha Brooks, Magnet Director, at 591-4900, ext. 22522



Need to learn more about using Word?   Check out these tutorials
Word Word Basics Getting started, Text basics, Formatting text, Saving, Modifying page layout, Checking spelling and grammar, Printing
Common Tasks in Word
Using indents and tabs, Line and paragraph spacing, Working with lists, Adding breaks, Working with columns, Working iwth hyperlinks, Working with shapes, Text Boxes and Word Art, Inserting Clip Art and Pictures, Formatting Pictures
Doing More with Word Styles and themes, Working with Headers and Footers, Reviewing Documents, Working with tables, SmartArt Graphics, Using a Template, Using Mail Merge
More Resources
Changing your default settings in Word, Modifying Page Numbers in Word, How to create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word, How to create a Bibliography or Works Cited page, How to remove the background from pictures, and more!

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Need to learn more about using PowerPoint?   Check out these tutorials
PowerPoint   PowerPoint Basics Getting started with PowerPoint, Slide basics, Text basics, Applying a theme, Inserting images, Applying transitions, Checking spelling, Presenting Slide Show, Saving and printing
Common Tasks in PowerPoint
Modifying lists, Indents and line spacing, WordArt and Shapes, Modifying Themes, Formatting pictures, Arranging objects, Animating text and objects, Inserting videos, Inserting audio
Doing More with PowerPoint
SmartArt Illustrations, Hyperlinks and Action Buttons, Working with tables, Working with charts, Reviewing presentations, Advamced presentation options, Slide Master options
More Resources
Creating Photo Albums in PowerPoint, Adding Callouts to Images, Even more resources!

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Need to learn more about using Excel?   Check out these tutorials
Excel Excel Basics: Getting started with Excel, Cell basics, Modifying columns, rows and cells, formatting cells, Saving, Creating simple formulas, Worksheet basics, Printing
Common Tasks in Excel:
Creating complex formulas, Working with basic functions, Sorting data, Outlining data, Filtering data, Formatting tables,
Doing More With Excel:
Reviewing and Sharing workbooks, Using templates, Working with charts, Working with Sparklines, Using Conditional Formatting, Creating Pivot Tables, Using What-If Analysis
More Resources:
Merging copies of a shared workbook, What are reference styles, and even more resources!

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Need to learn more about using Publisher?   Check out these tutorials.
Publisher   Publisher Basics:       Getting to know Publisher 2010, Producing a publication, Creating a new publication
Common Tasks in Publisher Working with text, Working with shapes and objects, Working iwth pictures, Working with tables

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