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Clubs meet on Tuesdays or Thursdays after school.

In order for a student to stay for a club meeting or activity, the student must have a note by a parent stating which club the student will be staying for after school.  A student must have a note each day he/she plans to attend.

All clubs begin at approximately 3:15 pm and end at 4:30 pm.  Students are to report directly to the meeting room when they are dismissed and remain with the club sponsor at all times.

Students will be dismissed at 4:30 pm and may either ride the activity bus home or be picked up by a parent.  Students who are not picked up at the appropriate time will not be allowed to participate in after-school activities for the remainder of the semester.

For safety reasons, students who remain after school must be supervised at all times.  Students who are found out of their designated area without supervision or who fail to follow the rules of the club sponsor will lose the right to participate in any after school activity for the remainder of the semester.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Fortunato at 591-4900.


21st Century PrograM "Cougar Scholars"

Students are invited to join the 21st Century program "Cougar Scholars" based on academic need and school recommendation.  The 21st Century program "Cougar Scholars" provide students with academic support and encouragement in mathematics, language arts and writing using a combination of tutoring, small group instruction, interactive technologies, recreational activities, mentoring and field trips.
Place: Variety of classrooms
Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 5:30pm
Sponsor/Coach: Ms. Jones

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This club will meet to learn the skill of archery and practice components of the game.
Place: Gym / Football Field
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1st Intramural Season
Sponsors: Coach Kidd

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Chess Club Interscholastic

Members of this club will learn about the game of chess and participate in chess matches.
Place: Room 806
Time: Thursdays
Sponsors: Mr. Swan

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Members of chorus will rehearse for upcoming performances.
Place: 101
Time: As Announced
Sponsors: Ms Harmon

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CNU Math Tutors workshop

Selected students partner with CNU Math Tutors to work on their math skills as well as learn more about the college experience
Place: Library
Time: Tuesday and Thursday
Tuesday - Math 8, Algebra, Geometry
Thursday - Math 6, Math 7
Sponsors: Mr. Keane

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This club emphasizes consumer education, homemaking, and family life.  This club is only for students who are taking a Living Skills class.
Place: Room 302
Time: Every other Tuesday
Sponsors: Ms. King

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Interscholatic Athletics

All students in good standing may try out for an athletic team.  Each sport will have both a boy s and a girl s team.  Practice and games are held on Monday s and Wednesday s after school.  Transportation from practice and to and from games is provided.Sport Teams will be as follows:
Fall: Track - Coach Phillips
Winter: Volleyball - Coach Baker
Spring: Basketball - Coach Nicholson

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Students have the opportunity to participate in team sports after school.  Three sessions will focus on different team sports.  More information about dates, times, and activities will go home through PE classes.
Place: Gym and Fields
Time: Fall, Winter, Spring Sessions
Sponsors: Coach Kidd, Coach Nicholson, and Coach Lane

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National Junior Honor Society

Members of this organization are selected each year.  Members will perform community service projects, and participate in other various school activities.
Place: Room 804
Time: As Announced
Sponsors: Pending

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Odyssey of the Mind

This is a club for highly creative students to perform problem solving activities.  There is a competition at the local, state, and national level. 
Place: Various Rooms
Time: Tuesday
Sponsors: Pending

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Principal's Advisory Committee

The Principal's Advisory Committee is a cross section of the student population that meets monthly with Ms Barnett to discuss ideas and concerns of the CMS students.  The PAC also selects a yearly community service project, such as the CMS Cafeteria beautification project and 'Jeans for Teens' campaign to provide clothing for needy teens
Place: Various Rooms
Time: Monthly
Sponsors: Mrs. Smith

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Students create robots that do what they want!  Members of this club will compete in robotics competitions throughout the year.
Place: Room 300  
Time: Tuesdays
Sponsors: Mr. Banks

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SCA is the Crittenden Middle School Student Government.  Students elect officers and homeroom representatives.
Place: 828
Time: Thurs and every other Tues
Sponsors: Ms. Rookwood, Ms. Staton

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Student Ambassadors

Selected students serve as Cougar Ambassadors, serving to guide guests through the school or act as hosts
Place: As needed
Time: As needed
Sponsors: Mrs. Vanderhall

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Selected students meet to take pictures and prepare the school yearbook for publication.
Place: Room 625
Time: Thursday
Sponsors: Mrs. Faison-Hopson

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